Wild West Online — took for Red Dead Redemption 2

by Anna Stepko 1412 views And a very informative gameplay! Let’s make it clear, there’s been no information about the Red Dead Redemption 2 lately, the one you’ve seen was about Wild West Online. And we’re about to reveal all the details that are known for now!

Let’s see what’s important, at the first point:

  • You need to care about your reputation and try not to ruin it instantly by stealing when someone watches you, for example. I think, when Wild West Online comes out, stealing won’t be the only way to decrease your rep. So save your red stars and the «bad boy» sobriquet for something bigger ;)
  • The friendliness of Wild West Online is stunning: I remember those old good Pirate of The Caribbean games I had on discs in my drawer. You actually needed to have two master’s degrees to remember where you need to go to find the tavern or another place you currently need. Here you can turn on the navigation and clearly see where are ALL the places you can go to. It saves time and nerves.
  • Hunt the bad guys: Wild West Online provides the “Most Wanted” list, you pick the baddies you’re about to find and start a mission. Then get a reward. Easy-peasy.
  • Newspapers are the key. For all those fans of the storylines in games — it’s a treasure. You read the daily news, get into the Epoque of Wild West Online and enjoy the game even more. guess that’s the type of games that make you watch westerns and fool around with a banana like it’s a real gun. That’s what we call the atmosphere!
  • It’s a game with Western thematics and it’s ONLINE! Awesome.
  • Also, remember that this Wild West Online footage is pre-alpha, so expect changes. Actually now the game looks like it came out about 3 years ago (I mean the graphics) so there’s gonna be something outstanding once Wild West Online release date comes!

Now something about the perks of pre-ordering Wild West Online: tell me do you want a horse? Everyone does. And a new character, and gun skins as well. If you pre-order the game and play before July 20th you’ll get all these perks.
Here’s the Wild West Online gameplay, by the way:

Wild West Online release date is unknown yet, we know it comes out December this year. Get ready!