For Honor Shadow and Might — Season 2 Update

by Anna Stepko 54 views A huge spring For Honor Shadow and Might update that opens the season 2 comes out soon: we’ll talk about two characters that will appear in this DLC. This will be the second massive update since one that prevented the strike: remember, when gamers were about to rebel? Remind yourself of how it all worked out by reading For Honor Update (patch v1.05).

Apart from new maps and regular bug fixes the major part of For Honor Shadow and Might (that releases on May 16 if you have a season pass, and available to buy with in-game currency starting with May 23rd) are two new characters. They both got trailers (which are available below), that proves their importance, apparently. Let’s see what’s up with Shinobi and Centurion.
For Honor Shadow and Might — Shinobi (Samurai Assassin)

According to what Ubisoft told gamers in the gameplay description, Shinobi has samurai characteristics: they are silent and fast, they’ve spent a lifetime on training and making their skills grow to the incredible level.
For Honor Shadow & Might — Centurion (Knight Hybrid)

Ubisoft claims that Centurion is good in strategic close-quarters combat: he can avoid enemy defenses easily in that case. And the main characteristics is that he sees the combat zone as a chessboard.
I guess, we’ll know more about these characters once we’ll try them out in-game. That’s the best way to find out what For Honor Shadow and Might character fits you the best.