Fallout 3 Weapon Cheat Codes

by Anna Stepko 1727 views Lately, we’ve presented the Fallout 3 armor cheats, and here goes the third part of Fallout 3 cheats. We’re talking about Fallout 3 weapon codes today. Feel free to check out all the basic Fallout 3 cheat codes. 

Here are 146 codes that permit you to choose and equip the weapon you want to use in Fallout 3. Each of them has different characteristics and everybody will find the type of weapon they’d like to use: any weapon from pistol to mines is available. All the Fallout 3 weapon codes are ranged by name, so it won’t be hard to navigate.

To add the desired weapon to your inventory you need to open the command console (~) and type player.additem followed by the item code, the quantity you want, and the condition you want it in. For example, to add one of Baseball Bat in perfect condition, you would type:
player.additem 0000421C 1 100
Fallout 3 weapons cheat-codes.32 Pistol 0000080A.44 magnum 00050F9210mm Pistol 0001A33410mm Pistol 0000434F10mm Pistol 0006F21010mm SMG (Sydney’s «Ultra») 0006E7CC10mm Sub Machine gun 00004321A3-21’s Plasma Rifle 0006B539Acid Spit 000B8793Acid Spit 0006E8CEAlien Blaster 00004322Ant’s Sting 000C553EAssault Rifle 0001FFECBaseball Bat 0000421CBB Gun 000C0327BB Gun 00004323Black Bart’s Bane 0006B535Blackhawk 000303A2Board of Education 000C310FBottlecap Mine 0000433ABrass Knuckles 00004324Breaker 000CB546Butch’s Toothpick 00078440Buzzsaw 0003BC6FChinese Assault Rifle 00046BDDChinese Assault Rifle 0000080BChinese Officer’s Sword 0006415DChinese Officer’s Sword 0002B3CBChinese Pistol 00004325Chinese Pistol (Zhu-Rong v418) 00060C2CClover’s Cleaver 000C80B8Col. Autumn’s 10mm Pistol 0006B531Col. Autumn’s Laser Pistol 000ABBE4Combat Knife 00004326Combat Knife 00064093Combat Shotgun 0003713DCombat Shotgun 00004327Curse Breaker 000C80BBDart Gun 0000432ADeathclaw Gauntlet 0000432BElectrical Zap 00022FF1Eugene 0006B538Excalibat 000C80BCExperimental MIRV 0003422BFat Man 0000432CFawkes’ Super Sledge 0007843FFire Hydrant 00021367Firelance 000C80BAFisto! 000CB601Flamer 00078C60Flamer 0000432DFlamer 000C58EEFlamer 000A0C02Flamer 0009E8DFFlamer 0007C10BFlamer 00039550Frag Grenade 00004330Frag Mine 0000433CFrag Mine 00028172GasTrap Dummy 000001F6Gatling Laser 0000432EGatling Laser 0000432EHand Laser 00018B9EHighwayman’s Friend 00078442Hunting Rifle 00004333Jack 000C6E5BKnife 00004334Laser 00050ED0Laser 0007B23ALaser 0007B237Laser Pistol 000B4178Laser Pistol 00063E8ALaser Pistol 00004335Laser Rifle 00074795Laser Rifle 00004336Law Dog 0006B532Lead Pipe 00004337Liberty Laser 00033FE2LibertyPrimeWeapBomb 0005932FLincoln’s Repeater 0003C07ALove Tap 000C80B9Mesmeron 00004339Mesmetron 000BF5A4Minigun 0000433FMirelurk Bait Grenade 00030664Miss Launcher 000B2644Missile Launcher 00057E8FMissile Launcher 00004340Nail Board 000A01DDNail Board 00063FDCNuka-Grenade 00004342O’Grady’s Peacemaker 0007843DOccam’s Razor 000CB602Ol’ Painless 00066C76Plasma Grenade 00004332Plasma Gun 0007C10CPlasma Gun 0003954FPlasma Mine 0000433DPlasma Pistol 00004343Plasma Rifle 00004344Plunkett’s Valid Points 000CAFA9Police Batton 00004345Pool Cue 00004346Power Fist 00004347Protectron’s Gaze 000C553FPulse Grenade 00004331Pulse Mine 0000433ERadioactive Spit 00058717Railway Rifle 00004348Repellent Stick 0002D3B7Reservist’s Rifle 00092966Ripper 00004349Rock-it launcher 0000434BRolling Pin 00029769Rolling Pin 000B2943Sawed-Off Shotgun 0000434CSawed-Off Shotgun 000AE8AEScoped .44 Magnum 0000434DSentryBot Laser Gatling 000389AFSentryBot Minigun 00057E8EShishkebab 0000434EShriek 0007F598Silenced 10mm Pistol 00004350Slasher Knife 0002869CSledge Hammer 00004351Sledgehammer 00063FA2Smuglers End (Laser Pistol) 0006B536Sniper Rifle 00004353Spiked Knuckels 00004354Stabhappy 000C80BESuper Sledge 000B0E7CSuper Sledge 00004352Switchblade 0006407FSwitchblade 000289C3Sydney’s 10mm «Ultra» SMG 0005DEEEThe Break 00066C77The Kneecapper 0006B53AThe Shocker 000BFF62The Tenderizer 000A874BThe Terrible Shotgun 0006B534Tire Iron 00004328Vampire’s Edge 00078441Vertibird Bomb Gun 0003E5E2Vertibird Gun 00089C51Victory Rifle 000CB548Wazer Wifle 00061793
We hope, these Fallout 3 weapon cheat codes were useful for you! Stay tuned for more cheats next week :)