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Origin Player Appreciation Sale — What’s up?

by Anna Stepko 177 views As you can see in the title, there’s a massive sale going on Origin. And the most pleasant thing about it is that the big games are involved. This short sum-up provides the list of games that you can buy with a discount, all you gotta do is follow the link! The offer ends Friday, August 25.

Apart from games, you’ll also find season passes for Battlefield games with discounts up to 75%. That’s huge, especially concerning the might of ones. Usually, Origin season passes are really generous, and if you’re into Battlefield games it’s the best thing you can find.
The most impressive game having an off-price is Battlefield 1 Premium. It Читать далее

The Wolf Among Us 2 announcement — is it gonna happen?

by Anna Stepko 211 views It’s clear that going through social medias and making conclusions on some people posting stuff is a rickety thing. However, you can find some easter eggs, if you’re lucky. That’s what we found recently about (probably) The Wolf Among Us 2 from Telltale Games!

Long and the short of it, Telltale Games teased fans with their post on Twitter, like, there will be something interesting during the San Diego Comic Con (that takes place July 20-23, pretty soon, huh?).

Do you remember the great game The Wolf Among Us that was released in 2013? It’s told to be the most beloved of TT games. And for a reason — did you play or see the Читать далее

Wild West Online — took for Red Dead Redemption 2

by Anna Stepko 1412 views And a very informative gameplay! Let’s make it clear, there’s been no information about the Red Dead Redemption 2 lately, the one you’ve seen was about Wild West Online. And we’re about to reveal all the details that are known for now!

Let’s see what’s important, at the first point:

  • You need to care about your reputation and try not to ruin it instantly by stealing when someone watches you, for example. I think, when Wild West Online comes out, stealing won’t be the only way to decrease your rep. So save your red stars and the «bad boy» sobriquet for something bigger ;)
  • The friendliness of Wild West Online is Читать далее

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 release date is November 17

by Anna Stepko 833 views Good news: apart from the astonishing trailer we’ve seen at E3 2017, EA and DICE announced the upcoming open beta test for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It starts October 6 for everyone, and if you pre-purchase the game the beta will be available 2 days earlier — on October 4th. It ends on October 9th.

What exactly will be available for checking out on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 open beta?

Naboo: Theed map, that you’ve already seen in E3 trailer, will be available in Galactic Assault mode. You’ll have an opportunity to check out another gaming mode called the Starfighter Assault battle, where you can choose one of the Starfighters from the Читать далее

Five Nights at Freddy’s 6 Development Paused

by Anna Stepko 37 views Although many of us didn’t know that there’ll be the next part of the Five Nights at Freddy’s game series, it was paused. Once we’ve heard about it, we started to look for an explanation, and we’ve found one.

As Garry’s Mod proclaims, “%user% couldn’t take the pressure and committed suicide”. According to the latest revelation, the creator of this well-known survival horror series — Scott Cawthon — couldn’t take the pressure and stopped working on Five Nights at Freddy’s 6. Of course, he explained this decision in the Steam Community post: “After forcing myself to keep working on it day after day, I realized Читать далее

E3 2017: Sony

by Anna Stepko 110 views If you need a tutorial on how to make a perfect presentation you’d better watch Sony E3 conference. Each of their presentations is great, it’s full of astonishing releases, trailers, gameplays, and developers’ talks. Huge hall, live music, fewer words. 

Check out what Sony presented on E3 2017: Unсharted: The Lost LegaсyNothing new, but it’s so beautiful! Look at nature, how good is it? Apart from that — intrigues and undivided treasures. Unсharted: The Lost Legaсy release date is actually close — August 22nd this year. 
 Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen WildsWinter is coming! Aloy finds herself in a showy world full of cyborg Читать далее

E3 2017: Ubisoft

by Anna Stepko 72 views Ubisoft was insane about the stuff on E3 this year. There are so many interesting and good projects that it’s hard to concentrate on each of them! All the trailers are gathered here, come see what these guys have done. 

E3 2017: Ubisoft conference sum-up:
Мario x Rabbids Kingdom ВattleA wonderful and joyful mashup awaits: Mario and Rabbits will have a huge fight! Here are the first trailer and developers’ talk. Both are very informative :)

 Assassin’s Creed: ОriginsBack to the roots. If you’ve already read the E3 2017 Microsoft post you’ve seen the first Assassin’s Creed: Origins trailer. And here’s the second Читать далее

E3 2017: Bethesda

by Anna Stepko 95 views According to what we’ve seen during Bethesda E3 presentation, they’ve gone VRing. If you know how VR development process goes you know that it takes a lot of time. That’s an explanation of why Bethesda didn’t strike E3 2017 with hella many new games. Although there were about 4-5 new items, they were stunning and unexpected. 

Let’s see what exactly Bethesda presented on E3 2017: VR Projects: DOOM and Fallout 4The greatest stuff in town: heart attacks become real with DOOM VFR (any suggestions what F stands for?). Both games will work on HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, DOOM has no release date for now, and Fallout 4 VR does — Читать далее

E3 2017: Microsoft Presentation

by Anna Stepko 68 views What happened during Microsoft presentation was some sort of miracle. It was like a rebound for all those times when we hear “ew” from gamers about it. Apart from the new console Xbox One X, Microsoft presented hella many games and some of them were SO unexpected like Life is Strange prequel, we were truly surprised. Although, there were some items like Crackdown — announced a million years ago and not released yet. But it’s good Microsoft remembers about this game being in development :D
 Let’s see the highlights of Microsoft E3 2017 presentation: 

Meet Xbox One XThe most powerful console arrives: 4k resolution support, 1 TB Читать далее

E3 2017: Electronic Arts

by Anna Stepko 90 views The first part of E3 conference already passed, there have been lots of trailers, gameplays and news. EA Games caught a lot of attention, Microsoft also has an impressive presentation, and Bethesda was just keeping it cool. ‘Cause they’re cool, yaknow. Let’s see what was presented at E3 2017 so far! 

Electronic Arts on E3 2017EA performed way better than they did last year. There were not many new games presented, but that’s the number EA can handle and rule to their release. BioWare announces AnthemNo Man’s Sky + Mass Effect Andromeda. Not like it’s a rip-off, just the first thing that comes to mind after watching the teaser and Читать далее