Bohemia Interactive Announces Argo — Tactical FPS

by Anna Stepko 83 views A nice tactical first-person shooter named Argo from DayZ Standalone and Arma game series creators comes out this month. It will be a free-to-play online multiplayer game, although if you would like to support developers you can make a one-time macrotransaction of $10/€10 and purchase the Argo Supporter’s Pack. That pack includes 14 animations, 22 cosmetics, supporter server access, access to vehicles in 3D Scenario Editor, special font style on your name in the leaderboards. 

A little bit of history: the first appearance of Argo was a prototype for Arma 3 mod, and it was playable for some time. The point of Argo is that players become a part of one of two rival factions, and battle on 60 square kilometers of space called Malden. It was modeled on a base of a map from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, later retitled Arma. Let’s see what game modes will be available in Argo. Bohemia Interactive published a few videos demonstrating the game modes: Clash, Link, and Raid.  

Basically, Argo has everything a modern first-person shooter has: gear customization, an XP-based progression system and unlocks. Check Argo blog for more details. We’ll keep your hand on pulse for more information :)